Colombia is the country with the largest number of bird species in the world, Colombia is considered the birders paradise. Of the approximately 10150 species of birds described in Colombia live close to 1988 species, accounting for almost 20% of all birds today registered worldwide. Check out our bird watching guide from Colombia

The last list of Clements includes 10 157 species of live birds plus 153 extinct in historical times. This is one of the most known and valued groups of biodiversity, ranging from small hummingbirds to large ostriches. New species of birds continue to be discovered to the extent that scientific explorations and investigations penetrate the world’s most mega-diverse regions, suggesting that we are still far from knowing the total number of these species.

The areas with the highest concentration of birds remain the tropics, particularly those with high levels of precipitation (Colombia’s biogeographic clash, the eastern plains (Orinoquia) of Colombia and the Amazon (shared by several countries including Colombia, Peru, Brazil , Ecuador and Venezuela.

The areas with the least number of birds in the world are temperate or polar regions, or very dry. Oceanic islands or individual mountain ranges, for their part, often have a high proportion of unique or endemic species, meaning that they only subsist globally in those places.

The last list of Clements includes 10 157 species of live birds plus 153 extinct in historical times). Likewise, in the most recent evaluation of the World Conservation Union Red List, of the total bird species, 1,313 are considered endangered (that is, in categories of Critically Endangered, Endangered or Vulnerable) , Which represents around 13% of the total; 880 species are considered almost threatened and four have been declared extinct in the wild, giving a total of 2,193 species (about 21%) that require urgent actions to guarantee their conservation. Check out our bird watching guide from Colombia

Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Indonesia, Ecuador, Bolivia, Venezuela, China, India and the Republic of the Congo are the top ten countries in Colombia.

It can be seen that of the countries with the greatest diversity of bird species in the world, six of them are located in South America, three in Asia and one in Africa. Only Colombia has almost 20% of all birds in the world, ie 1 in 5 of the birds registered today live in Colombia, to make a parallel this is an even greater proportion than the Chinese vs. the world population.

That is why making birdwatching trips to Colombia at any time of the year is a guarantee of sightings and possibly finding new species of birds, as it is estimated that Colombia still has potential to discover new species of birds because Areas which are diversely richer, are precisely those that have been subjected to decades of armed conflict, impeding botanical and scientific expeditions.

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